Chikungunya Virus Database

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This database is combined approach for Chikungunya virus genomic, proteomic and therapeutic learning. It contains information of about 41 different strains of chikungunya virus, out of which one is reference genome (NC_004162). It comprises of whole genome sequences and their annotation using various in silico tools. Annotation includes functional information regarding proteins, genes and structural content of whole genome sequences. It also delivers additional information such as CpG Island, codon context, usage bias, genome plot and phylogenetic analysis at whole genome and proteome level. It is a user friendly and multi-omics visual environment where user can access information easily. Further, glycosylation sites are also analyzed and presented. For therapeutic analysis we additionally proposed B and T cell epitopes, siRNAs and miRNAs.

Potential Therapeutic Targets

Categories Potential Target
Epitopes 98 (MHC I)

84 (MHC II)
siRNAs 63 (VIRsiRNA pred)

385 (imRNA)

*siRNA: small interfering RNAs
*For complete list of Therapeutic targets and different genomic analysis, please see appropriate options.